Made it to October drift practice. Fixed all the issues found at very first practice with car, found many more. Was dumb dumb and didn’t put hoodpins on, need new hood. And a sticker on my dash that says hood pins. I reused piping I got with car car, it’s hack, kept blowing apart. Boost higher with bovs deleted. Want to make nicer one peice piping, don’t want to make piping untill I get new intake manifold, might go into
Hibernation now and start. Car was super fun for the laps it worked, but track days aren’t fun when you spend all your time in the pits. Little love tap with Darius, bash bar absorbed the whole hit. Coolant temps super low with new setup.

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    took an hour to clean up
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    All that was ripped off at the track after it broke. Not going back on
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    Yeah your missing key info
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    And get rid of your crappy eBay oil stuff that spills over the whole track. Hahaha